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Drama Therapy/Dramatherapy 

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The World Alliance of Dramatherapy brings together professional membership-based associations to promote dramatherapy around the world.


Founded in 2017, the objectives of the alliance are to provide a platform to exchange information, share advances in research, and encourage collaboration across borders, cultures, and languages.


The activities of this alliance include regular communication between representatives, maintaining a multilingual online presence to share news and events, hosting an international dramatherapy week, coordinating a world congress every four years, and promoting international research on the state of the profession.

Dramatherapy is spelled as one word or two (Drama Therapy) depending on the preference of each professional association. To learn more, please view our member associations. Founding members of the alliance include Nisha Sajnani (U.S/Canada), Alyson Coleman (U.K), Joanna Jaaniste (Australia), Jason Butler (U.S/Canada), Stelios Krasanakis (E.U), Susana Pendzik (Israel), Leané Meiring (S. Africa), Miri Park (Korea), Majid Amraei (Iran), Ravindra Ranasinha (Sri Lanka), and Sol Guerrero (Argentina).


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